Why Do Entrepreneurs Need Professional Advice?

Why Do Entrepreneurs Need Professional Advice?

Sunday, 16 September 2007

Professional advice from a business counsellor or business advisor helps you as the entrepreneur deal with the formalities of establishing what legal form your business should take, drawing up your accounts, dealing with the relevant authorities about taxes, insurance issues and industrial related issues. Several service providers offer advice on many issues.

Small businesses usually fail because of poor management. It is the role of service providers to improve the quality of Small Medium Entrepreneurs (SMEs) management through the provision of training and advice. Accredited service providers should be capable of delivering the required quality of support services to business in a practical and timely manner. Accredited service providers obviously charge for their services, so it is worthwhile being prepared for any meetings, so that you can make the most of the time you spend with them. Take the time to talk to professionals before you start your business.
A professional advisor (accredited service provider) will be able to
advise on how to retain receipts for all your business expenses. This
person should be able to advise you on what your liabilities are and
will help you establish the most appropriate bookkeeping system for
your business.

Starting your own business and becoming self employed will mean you
have to deal with issues like tax, industrial relations, provident
funds, which are all responsibilities that were taken care of while you
were working for someone else. If problems arise, they will land on
your desk and sorting them out will not be easy. Seeking advice from
professionals at an early stage in your plans, and ensuring your
business operates with their continuous support will be of real benefit
to you and your business.

The relevant government official departments can answer any general
enquiries you may have. They publish leaflets that explain what your
obligations are. But they cannot give you comprehensive information on
available business opportunities, they also cannot refine your business
idea and they cannot provide you with training, counselling and
marketing support.

These professionals may also help an entrepreneur with helpful
networks; also share with him or her upcoming business opportunities.
In addition, professionals help an entrepreneur by also managing his/
her resources and also applying strict financial discipline. This can
only be possible if the entrepreneur has signed a management contract
with the service provider.

Other services that Service Providers should provide

(a) Researching new markets
(b) Developing products
(c) Business opportunities
(d) Finding customers
(e) Testing the feasibility of a business idea
(f) Testing the viability of the business idea

So as an entrepreneur you definitely need some good advice for your
business. You can get so much possible opportunities and advice above
your imagination.

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