Why Every Entrepreneur Should Workout

Why Every Entrepreneur Should Workout

Five months ago, I started to work out, doing resistance training as well as some cross training. I never knew the impact it would have on my entrepreneurial endeavors, but it has proved to be more vital then any other activity I have performed regularly.

I know, it seems silly, but that’s exactly what I thought before I started. Here are the 5 best reasons to work out:


  1. Confidence: Working out makes you feel better about yourself. You feel more comfortable in your skin, and that transfers to confidence in your work life. You smile more, your posture becomes better, and you command more of a presence. I mean, hell, if I were telling you this would happen if you read a book, you would be running out the door to buy it.
  2. Productivity: Nothing is a better start to your day than an early morning workout. I mean Steve Pavlina works out and that guy is super productive. Here is another example: Before I started working out, I was barely involved in school and my entrepreneur activities. Now I run this blog, am programming for 4+ hours a day, working out, and starting fizboflorida.com, as well as keeping some sort of social life.

  1. Growth: When you are working out, you are growing. Even if your only growing physically, your still on a path to a better place. This dynamic alone improves your mindset tremendously. There is no worse feeling then being stagnent.
  2. Networking:
    Networking is all about surrounding yourself with successful people,
    and most truely successful people workout. The President, Steve Jobs,
    Bill Gates, and heck, even The Woz plays polo. Oh, and just see what happens when you give a powerful CEO a workout tip. Works like a charm  .
  3. Health:
    You can’t run a company if your health isn’t in order. Working out
    lowers your bad cholesterol, increases good cholesterol, burns
    dangerous fat, increases your metabolism, lowers your chances of adult
    diabetes, and a zillion other positive health effects. Really, if you
    want to die young, don’t work out, I’m sure your employees/family won’t
    mind when your company/family goes broke.

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