Work At Home Jobs With Minimal Startup Costs For Stay At Home Moms

Work At Home Jobs With Minimal Startup Costs For Stay At Home Moms

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Tuesday, 02 October 2007

The hunt for work at home jobs is a never ending one. For those Moms who are very keen on working at home there are several popular work at home jobs that can be started with minimal costs.

The problem is that most Stay at Home Moms are unaware that the talents and expertise they possess can be the nucleus for a variety of work at home jobs.

1. Data Entry Job.

Most Stay at Home Moms searching for Jobs to work at home will find Data Entry Jobs very attractive, since specials skills, training or previous experience is not required. What you need is basic typing skills, a computer and access to the Internet. It is ideal for stay at home moms and retirees who can spare a couple of hours a day. Today with most office and administrative work revolving around the computer, Data Entry Jobs are one of the most popular work at home jobs sought after worldwide.

2.Ghost Writer:

Ghost writing is another work at home job that is very popular among people who have the ability and talent to write. If you can write well and possess a good command of the language and grammar then Ghost writing can be a source of income for you. Ghost writing is actually writing Content or Articles for Website owners and Internet Marketers who do not have the ability to write or create it themselves. The more knowledgeable and versatile you are the more money you can make.

3. Tutoring Service:

Starting a Tutoring Service is another way of working at home. You can
start a tutoring service for helping students who have difficulty in
understanding their class work or who do not concentrate sufficiently
at school. You should be sufficiently knowledgeable in the subjects you
tutor and you should possess a lot of patience to handle backward

Initially you could get started by giving free classes and once you
have built up a reputation among the students, parents and teachers,
you could start charging a fee.

4. Child Care Center:

Since a vast majority of the parents can’t afford the expensive
Corporate or Franchised child care centers, there is a great demand for
reputed affordable home based Child care centers. If you love children
and care about them this is one of the ideal work at home jobs for you
as a stay at home mom especially if you have had experience or training
in child development.

To get started you will need to have adequate space in your house that
is child friendly as well as be accessible to parents to drop and pick
their children. You home based business will also need licensing,
inspection and certification by the local councils or bodies.

5. Cake Baking and Decorating:

If you have enjoyed baking and decorating cakes for your children’s
birthdays and other events, then you can seriously consider making a
living by baking and decorating cakes. A cake has become an important
and integral part of most celebrations and functions and hence the
demand for people with creative excellence who can produce beautiful
and outstanding cakes. Before starting this work at home job you should
check with both the health department and the local zoning board so
that you don’t contravene any laws.

6. Gift Basket Service:

In recent years Gift Baskets have become a popular choice among
shoppers searching for something special to give friends and business
associates. Companies too have realized that gift baskets are a great
way to show appreciation to customers and employees.

Your chances of success depend on your ability to design, assemble and
deliver unique and distinctive baskets that can capture the hearts of
the shoppers and business organizations. Purchasing your gifts and
materials at wholesale or specially discounted prices will be a
critical factor for the success of your work at home job.


These are popular work at home jobs that can be started and operated
with minimal costs and ideally suited for Stay at Home Moms. The
success of your home based business will to a great extent depend on
how motivated and passionate you are.

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