Young entrepreneur makes sweet deal

Young entrepreneur makes sweet deal

By Jennifer Killin / Del Rio News-Herald
Published July 14, 2008

Five dollars a week just wasn’t enough allowance for 12-year-old Eduardo Lopez, so he started his own business.

OH’ Fudge, named after Ralphie Parker’s famous “Oh, fudge” line in A
Christmas Story, was created in early January to supplement Lopez’s
meager allowance.

But, there was a bigger purpose behind the business.

hopes to attend culinary arts school to realize his ultimate goal of
opening a New York City restaurant and puts back a large portion of his
profits into a bank account dedicated to his tuition.

Using a
family recipe handed down from his grandmother, Lopez quickly gained a
client base at Premier High School, where he attends seventh grade.

“My teachers are some of my biggest sales,” says Lopez.

though he says he hasn’t mastered the sales pitch yet – “I usually just
ask them if they want to try some.” – Lopez is seeing rewards for his

Lopez’s business, which boasts a product line of more
than 10 types of fudge and confections, has gained him recognition from
public television station KLRN, which awarded him $100 and has him in
the running for the $500 grand prize.

Lopez will also be
featured on the station’s Biz Kids web site at,
and could be featured on the Biz Kids television show, which airs at
5:30 p.m. on Monday nights through July 28.

The entrepreneur,
who turned 12 on Sunday, handles all of his own shopping and foots the
bill for supplies, said his mother, Adrienne Lopez.

“I told him
if it’s going to be a business, it’s going to be a real business,” says
Adrienne. “I take him to the store, but he picks out his own
ingredients and pays for them.”

He also takes time to experiment with recipes until he feels he’s reached perfection.

Right now Lopez says he working to perfect his vanilla fudge, which didn’t sell well early on.

“It was too gooey,” says Lopez. “I’m working on it.”

determination with the business has also impressed his family and
prompted an aunt to begin creating a Web site for Lopez’s birthday.

The site,, is slated to be up and running in two or three weeks.

Lopez’s success doesn’t surprise his father.

gets his mind set on things and always has success,” said Ed Lopez, who
heads a tactical unit for the Border Patrol. “We’re very proud of him.”

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