Young entrepreneur splits his profits

Young entrepreneur splits his profits

Third grader is collecting neighborhood recycling


PROFIT SHARING-Jonathan Pietsch of Oak Park with one of his collection boxes. The third grader will split the proceeds from his recycling project with the Agoura Animal Center.

Jonathan Pietsch wanted to buy a toy, but it cost more than he could afford so his parents encouraged him to come up with a way to earn some money.

That challenge was just the impetus Jonathan needed. Before long
the Oak Hills Elementary School third grader had decided he would
collect recyclables from the neighborhood to earn some pocket change.
Jonathan said it would be "good for the environment." He also vowed to
donate half of his proceeds to a good cause.

A neighbor wrote
a series of flyers which Jonathan distributed to 100 neighbors. But
Jonathan provided the trashbags and moving boxes to collect his booty.

Jonathan also placed his decorated collection boxes at the Oak Hills
and Brookside elementary school soccer fields on Saturdays and
encouraged visitors to chip in.

Jonathan’s parents predict
he’ll surpass his $100 goal this week, which represents some 2,500
bottles and cans. The young entrepreneur will donate $50 to the Agoura
Hills animal shelter.

Now that he’s experienced success, Jonathan plans on continuing his project through the end of the year.

-Leslie Gregory Haukoos

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